Display Mirrors For Retail Shops


Shop Furniture Group have a large selection of countertop mirrors for retail stores we supply direct from factory or direct from our warehouses. Acrylic, metal and wood display mirrors to be a great store display for your business. Countertop mirrors are a nice feature stores.

Floor mirrors with casters is very popular for retail shops that you can move through out a store. Floor mirrors are full length and go great in any room or business. Mirrors create depth and light to small room spaces and retail establishments. Customers will recognize the advent-ages of using floor mirrors. Consider using small floor mirrors for retail footwear shops.

Shop Furniture Group a world leading supplier of Slatwalls. Additional mirrors are a great addition to slatwalls. We provide retailors slatwall mirrors around the world. Mirrors are perfect for use in any store, business or even for home use. Light and inexpensive. Slatwall mirrors can be used on any slatwall. Simply attach the slatwall mirror to the slatwall mount save space. Perfect for dressing rooms. Wall mounted mirrors are ideal for opening up any room. Wall mount mirrors are made of metal or aluminium.