Mannequins In All Sizes and Styles For Retail Clothing Shop

Mannequins are needed for almost every retail shop fitting.

Sho Furniture Group have all sorts of styles that you need to portray to your customers.
The Mannequins for Retail Clothing Shop choices we provide makes sure your store looks the way you prefer.

We offer an extensive range of premium and cost-effective mannequins, torsos, busts & tailors dummies.

mannequins-female male-mannequin

Our mannequins are made of the highest quality fibreglass or durable plastic for long lasting, cost effective displays. We are also proud to offer mannequins & busts made from 100% recyclable materials.

Full Body Mannequins:
Using your mannequins to create complete looks, you must have a full body mannequin. A full body mannequin will allow you to fit hats, shoes, accessories and clothes to the mannequin. These mannequins are designed to hold all these things, and you can change the ensembles easily. We sell a wide range of podiums, platforms and stands for mannequins to increase the sells efficiency.

Each pair of shoes, hat and accessory can be changed easily on the mannequin, and you always have a complete look on the mannequin. When you sell everything in your store, you want to display everything on a full body mannequin.


Half Mannequins
Half mannequins is useful when you do not have much space in your store. A half mannequin requires less floor space, can stand up more simply and does not tower over the other fixtures in the store.

You must remember that half mannequins can only display jewelry and tops, but these mannequins are useful if most of your business is done in jewelry and shirts. The half mannequins can be rolled around the store easily, or store even more easily.

Dress Forms
You can purchase dress forms to display clothes when you want your store to look like a designer's studio.

Mannequins we Sell
We offer a wide range of male, female & child forms. Counter top display busts & torsos, Hanging torsos, Seated mannequins, Fashion poses,Realistic & athletic forms, Adjustable tailors bust, Display heads, Mannequin body parts.