Retail Clothing Display Racks, Cloth Fixtures and Hangers

Our garment racks, made from polished chrome. It is an optimal way to furnish your store and in same time save space and optimizing retail sales. Create more floor area for additional lines or foot traffic. We provide garment displays for any budget to factory prices. Many of these free-standing clothes racks for sale really stand out from other style fixtures. The heavy-duty garment racks are intended to make any environment look upscale. Users can attract the customers they want with these units. The economy low priced chrome clothing rack series tie class and savings together. With adjustable heights, you can display both longer or shorter length garments. Many clothing displays come with casters so they can seasonally be moved to different locations throughout any store.

The use of Clothes Railes for Retail Shop is in variety of stores. It is a perfect tool to showcase the wide range of clothing just under one roof. Our Retail Clothing Display Racks for Sale is extensively used in shopping malls, boutiques, clothing outlets and different retail stores. Shop Furniture Group carry plenty of rack design options. From one arm, two arm, four arm racks to stand alone and casters racks, we got everything for our customers.

Clothing racks Racks  Clothing racks

Rolling garment racks make it simple to rearrange any store layout. With many rolling models, users can easily rearrange stores and move items around the locations. Having an outdoor clearance sale? Rolling garment’s save time on daily operations with mobile clothes shop display and stands.

Commercial racks are an affordable way to manage clothes without laying them out on tables or stuffing them onto bins. The most presentable way to showcase cloths is by hanging them.

Who is using these commercial garment racks?

Department stores use free standing display racks to manage large quantities of inventory. Retail shops use clothing racks for clearance sales and items like purses and handbags. Easily relocate overstock items towards the back of the store.

Retail racks can be used in a variety of different stores. The commercial garment displays are universally applicable. Our selection is widely used in department stores, shopping malls, outlets, boutiques, and multiple other retail shops. Straight arm or waterfall, two arms or four, on casters or stand alone are some of the design options we carry. Shop Furniture Group is a shop for retail merchandising solutions and point of sale display ideas.

Clothes Hangers

Garment Hangers Overview

As shop retailor owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of quality shop fitting supplies and equipment. We can provide shop fitting supplies around for all of your business needs. Garment hangers are just one example of our many shop fitting components. If you're searching for garment hangers that are attractive, sturdy and reliable, then we have a wide array of suitable options available for you. 


If your shop sells clothing for adults and children alike, be sure to invest in garment hangers of both sizes. We sell large hangers for adults. Adults' hangers are typically available in two sizes. Our children's hangers are markedly smaller than our adult options. 


Consider the colour scheme of your shop before you make any decisions. Since our garment hangers come in many diverse colours, it's vital to think about the overall design of your shop.  Our garment hangers are made in colours such as white, black.


Hanger strength needs. We sell heavy-duty and light duty hangers alike. Our heavy-duty hangers can better accommodate heavy and bulky clothing items, to be specific. Our light duty hangers are beneficial for lighter options like summer dresses. 


If your company sell a broad assortment of trousers, be sure to look at our laminated trouser hangers. These hangers are specifically designed to accommodate trousers and trousers alone. We also carry hangers that are specifically designed to hang knitwear. These hangers are laminated as well.


Racking and Shelving

At Shop Furniture Group we offer an extensive range of shelving displays to suit all needs. Whether you're looking for shelving or heavy-duty metal shelving, we have practical retail shelving units available at an affordable price for you to choose from.

Before buying your shelving unit, consider what your shelving will be used for. Is it to display products to customers in a retail space or to store large, heavy items in a warehouse? This will also influence the size of your shelving unit. If you're short on space, you may want to consider wall mounted shelving.

What material to choose?
The material of a shelf will not only determine the weight or quantity of what you can store but also has an impact on how your display looks to customers and how it compliments your décor. We offer a variety of materials to choose from in a range of colours to suit you.

Plastic Shelving
If you're looking for a modern display then acrylic shelving is good to create eye catching displays. Acrylic is durable and long lasting and is ideal for displaying smaller, lightweight products.

Glass Shelving
Glass shelving displays are an attractive and professional means of creating an elegant store display. Our range of premium glass shelving units will compliment any retail, office, exhibition or home environment.

Wooden Shelving
Choose durable, laminated wood or fanner wood for a sleek and modern look that can be scratch resistant protecting against surface damage.

Metal Shelving
Metal shelving can offer high load capacity storage, making a sturdy storage solution. Stainless steel shelving protected from corrosion with a polymer coating that is suitable for cold stores, freezers and damp environments.