Retail Shop Furniture Cash Counter and Store Displays


Shop Furniture Group sell checkout stands and merchandising cabinets? We provide a large selection of retail shop furniture and display counters for sale. They are ideal for any company looking for affordable store fixtures. Why buy used retail display counters when we have high quality cabinets at affordable prices? In addition, all of our models are sold with retail pricing. These retail display counters are available in a number of configurations and constructions. One of our most popular designs are our Moduldisk counters and Modul tables.

We also offer cash wraps that are ideal for handling transactions at points of purchase. Store display counters are designed to sell and make interacting with customers quick and convenient. Shelves and drawers maximize storage for cashiers and other employees. Build to hold a cash register, card reader and numerous other supplies for use around the shop. Made of high quality melamine, these checkout stands come in a number of finishes such as black, white. We can produce them custom made in whatever material needed if you provide the necessary information needed for the production.

We offer a number of low price store display counters directly shipped out from the factory. Do you want to save money and have time to wait on products we will offer lowest possible price on shop counters online and other shop furniture’s.

Features that make display and store retail counters excellent for increasing your business?

Modul disk counters sizes fit in any location in all dimensions. With this modul counter system specially made to increase flexibility’s and can extend you counter as you fit to any size as points of sales increase. This Modul counter is specially produced cost efficient to suit fit both low and higher end stores. Each cabinet features both doors and drawers in many different outfits. Browse our countertop models that give you a sleek, eye level platform for featuring goods. This is an excellent way to feature anything from impulse purchases to high value items. These can have square "tower" designs to rectangular frames Our business Modul counter are made with strong tempered glass that keeps wares highly visible while protecting them from being stolen. In addition to clear exterior panels, our merchandising showcases use shelving made of tempered glass to increase visibility of your stock.

Many of our checkout fixtures come with storage space for supplies. Shops have many different a number of payment methods, requiring card readers, work tablets, cash boxes, calculators and writing utensils for checks. Our cash wraps with shelves and pull out drawers in our Modul counter are perfect for accommodating these sales accessories. In is important to be organized not just for a professional appearance, but to make room for transactions and writing checks.

Use cashier counters to create an effective point of purchase in your shop, exhibit wares and store tools of the trade.

Shop Furniture Group brings you wide spectrum of Cash Counter for Retail Shop and store displays for sale at an unbeatable price. Our vast range of retail display counters is ideal for any organization who are planning to revive and edify the look of retail outlet. We are one stop shop to buy the premium quality cabinets which are available at the price of used retail display counters. Our retail display counters are available in plethora of styles, designs and configuration. Among all the display counter designs, our most sought after designs are Moduldisk counters and Modul tables.

Our compelling range of store display counters are designed in a way that perfectly meet the requirements of customers. We also provide the cash wraps that are absolute for handling the transactions. Custom cabinets shelves and drawers offers the large storage space and is suitable for keeping the the significant shop supplies and items like register and card reader. Shop Furniture Group check out stands are made up of unrivaled quality melamine and comes in numerous finishes.

All of our store cash counter furniture’s are fitted with strong tempered glass that allows the maximum visibility of products and provide ultimate protection. Moreover, we use shelving made of tempered glass to enhance the lucidity of your stock. 

Most of our checkout counters comes with large storage space to keep the supplies securely. Modul counter encompass multiple drawers, cash wraps with shelves which are ideal for keeping the sales accessories. A well managed counter space not only spruce up the appearance but also provide required space for writing the checks. 

Buy our top of the line store cash counters today for the better management of sales accessories and exhibit goods!