Multi Retail Tiered Nesting Displays, Plinths and Podiums  for Merchandising


Shop Furniture group supply retail display tables direct from factories around the world. We produce standard or custom size shop furniture’s in big quantities that are ideal for department stores. Invest in a high quality display table today to see revenues increase. These large tables can hold several different items. All of these store fixtures are tiered, allowing users to access several different layers of clothing or other items.  They conserve valuable floor space while maximizing the amount of inventory that can be displayed. Walking through a mall you will notice similar style display tables featured in many retail stores. The top tier is flat, allowing signage and advertising to be prominently showcased. The more foot traffic coming through the shop, the more like retailers are to convert sales.

Nesting Tables and Modul tables

For gift shop and boutique store owners may be of interest. These tables are sold in sets of 2 of 3 different sized and shaped tables that can be tucked underneath one another. Both square and rounded tables are available. We also produce modul tables for flexible presentation’s and special sale items and collections in a tiered style with the staggered height nesting tables. Choose between aluminium powdered frames tables with white surface or an intricate woven steel design. Use the sets to create compelling configurations for displaying clothes and merchandise and stores often create designs using tables to improve the visibility of merchandise. Nesting tables are also popular for residential use.

Display tables

There are many advantages to having in your specialty store, gift shop, or café. They occupy little floor area, but provide abundant shelf area for displaying and storing objects and or marketing materials like clothing, handbags or other objects that you sell. Multi-tiered store fixtures can stand alone and be a centre piece used in a group to create a separate display within a retail environment. Some tables have a melamine finish, making them an inexpensive alternative to solid wood. Also included in this product line are metal display tables ideal for placing clothing on, creating an alluring and unique display to entice your customers.

Retail Plinths and podium for mannequins

Shop Furniture Group offer a pedestal to showcase products as customers are entering the store. Placing one of these store fixtures right in front allows retailers to showcase featured and seasonal products. Use garment and clothing racks in the back of the store to hold clearance items. Different finishes are available for these clothing stands including black and grey. We can even provide custom These neutral colours will mesh with the decor of any store. Various shapes are available as well including oval, rectangular and square. Multiple colour and shape combinations provide retailers with several different options for showcasing featured products and inventory.